Sexual Violence

Today at the Lebanese American University a conference held analyzing and discussing sexual violance against women. It was a fruitful conference where many important ideas discussed and what are the reasons for sexual harrassment. During the conference, a video were played showing a story about a young asian lady that has faced sexual violence once a time. Also the amazing lady who organized all this asked us to answer some questions and for our opinion. On the other hand it was a fun and interesting conference, we got the chance to laugh when the wifi did not connected directly. Yes for safety !


BCC “Beirut Creative Cluster” … WELL DONE !

Berytech, with collaboration of the European Union, hosted the official launch event of BCC yesterday  April 2, 2013 at Playroom “Nahr Al Mot”. His excellency Mr. Nicholas Sehnaoui, Minister of  Telecommunications, was attending the event and gave an interesting summary about the event.

BCC’s main goal is to make sure that companies should always be collaborating and sharing knowledge between each other, so we can increase partnership within Lebanon.

Workshops that look into new business models and innovations is what the companies need to do a better job !

BCC ~ Felicitations, it was a fruitful and a successful event !





My Special Mom ~ Digital Version

Well, Technology has become a fundamental part of our lives nowadays, this year “Mother’s day”  was one of a kind comparing it with previous ones. A mother, even if most of us look at her as the responsible person in the house and the serious person that we cannot judge with, but she has also the other part of her life, which is the social part  that she needs always to be updated with latest technologies, maybe to spy on us ( who knows ) and may be she wants to be active like us and she has the right because in the end we are all people and we are all equal. This year, my mother was always nagging about having a “Smartphone” and installing some applications as Whatsapp,Viber etc…

I started thinking if i buy her a new Smartphone or not, some evil ideas came to my mind like God she will know everything about and she will follow me every second. Then, frankly the emotional ideas crossed, she will be happy because she will got something she needs, and she wont be jealous if she saw her friends using their phones.  YES,NO,YES,NO were the words running in my head for many hours and BOOM ! Shockingly i found myself  in front of a CELL SHOP and went it to buy her a new Samsung Galaxy S||.

I went home in the same night, sneaking to her room and screaming “Mabroooook” you got your first Smartphone, seeing the smile drawn on her face was a single reason to be confident of what i have done because it was the right choice. But, i am not gonna lie at you, she’s like every minute of the day talking to me on Whatsapp saying : “Mom kifak” , “Mom Akalet”, “Mom Waynak?”   this makes me laugh a lot and annoy me sometimes frankly.

At the end, i am really convinced of what i have done and i advise other people that are facing the same situation with their mothers to take the step and not to be afraid.

Happy Mother’s Day !

Mom using her "Smartphone"


الدعارة من أقدم المهن وهي ممنوعة في معظم الدول، ولكنها موجودة بالفعل والواقع ويقر الجميع بذلك. وفي لبنان الدعارة ممنوعة قانوناً بشكل صريح، ولكن هناك بعض المهن المشرعنة والمنظمة قانوناً تؤدي الى امتهان الدعارة ولبنان بلد سياحي ولا يمكن منع الدعارة كلياً، لأنها أصبحت في عالم اليوم ملازمة للسياحة. خصوصاً وأن لبنان يتصف بانفتاح وحرية تفتقدها معظم مجتمعات ودول المنطقة ما جعله مقصداً للباحثين عن النساء.
هذه الدراسة أعدتها “الدولية للمعلومات”:

الفتيات اللبنانيات

تنخرط مئات الفتيات اللبنانيات (وربما أكثر) في ممارسة الدعارة بعضهن كمهنة أساسية والبعض الآخر كمهنة اضافية وهؤلاء الفتيات يعمدن التواصل مع الزبائن إما مباشرة من خلال التواجد في بعض المقاهي أو المطاعم أو الطرق أو من خلال سائقي التاكسي والعاملين في الفنادق أو من خلال شبكات منظمة وأعداد قليلة من خلال العمل في بعض الملاهي الليلية. وعمل هؤلاء الفتيات لا يخضع لرقابة، إذ يمكنهن الخروج مع الزبائن في أي وقت وزمان بناء لاتصال هاتفي فقط، أما التعرفة…

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On Some Lebanese Atheists

A Separate State of Mind | A Blog by Elie Fares

Pope Francesco I

My best friend is an atheist. And he’s awesome at it. You know why? Because of all the times we’ve discussed religion, which is very often and on so many occasions I’ve lost track, he has never insulted a religion. He doesn’t believe in them, as is his right, but he knows it’s not right to trash them left and right and ridicule every single person who believes in those religions in which he does not believe.

The most famous slogan that gets thrown around a lot goes like this: “Religion is like a penis. It’s fine to have one and it’s fine to be proud of it but it’s not fine to shove it down my throat.”

This is a saying that I not only believe in, I also believe it is of utmost necessity. I also believe the aforementioned statement should be affixed to become the following: “Your…

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شباب المشرق العربي في السنة 2017: 28% عاطلون عن العمل


كثرت التقارير والدراسات الدولية التي جعلت من موضوع البطالة في العالم محور اهتمامها. فوفق هذه التقارير تنعدم البطالة في بلدين فقط في العالم، هما إمارتا قطر وموناكو، وتقترب نسبة البطالة في هذين البلدين الصغيرين من 0%. غير ان اول ما يلفت في المقارنة بين نسب البطالة في العالم، هو عدم خضوع هذه النسبة للتقسيم المعروف لبلدان العالم بين دول متقدمة ومتخلفة ونامية، أو في طريقها الى النمو… بل تجتمع في إطار نسبة بطالة واحدة بلدان متقدمة جداً اقتصادياً واخرى ما زالت تخطو خطواتها الاولى في مجال التطور الاقتصادي والاجتماعي. ففي دائرة البلدان التي تتمحور فيها نسبة البطالة حول 6%، نجد المانيا والدانمارك واللوكسمبورغ، الى جانب بوليفيا وبرمانيا وباكستان وارمينيا والبرازيل ومالطا والأوروغواي. ومن اللافت ايضاً، ان ادنى نسبة بطالة في العالم لا نجدها في عداد بلدان العالم الأول او المتقدم، بل في بلدان مصنّفة بين بلدان العالم الثالث، إذ لا تزيد نسبة البطالة عن 1% في بلدان مثل تايلاند واوزباكستان…

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PechaKucha Event Beirut

I have always had an obsession with talks and presentations, the art of body language and voice tone manipulations have always fascinated me and led me to constantly try to improve my own presentations. However, more recently i was introduced to “PechaKucha”

Pecha Kucha event at Beirut was really interesting, it was really fruitful and enjoyable since the material and the concept is very clear and easy to understand, for people who were there, good job and for those who weren’t, i can say it is definitely a loss !



For those who doesn’t know about PechaKucha, PechaKucha  was created in Japan by the architectural agency Klein Dytham. PK is happening in 380 cities in the world and allows designers to meet and present their work in public. 20 images, 20 seconds each. 6 min 40 sec of fame.